Accounting Services

Clients partner with us for monthly services to be confident about their financials and make decisions that will propel their business forward. Explore the services below to find the best fit for your small business accounting needs and book a discovery call to get started.
Bookkeeping Clients with annual revenues of $75,000 – $250,000 and up to 9 employees typically choose this package.
Controller Clients with annual revenues of $250,001 – $500,00 and 10-12 employees typically choose this package.
CFO Clients with annual revenues of $500,001 – $20 Million and 21-100 employees typically choose this package.


General bookkeeping, while often overlooked, is a foundational component of successful entrepreneurship.

Having a skilled bookkeeper as an extension of your team helps keep you in an optimal position to make sound decisions about your business. Bookkeeping services start at $500 a month.

Are you ready to make sound decisions in your business based on data and expertise?


The controller package is ideal if you need a more inclusive service to help you scale consistently.

This package includes everything in the bookkeeping package and cash flow management and forecasting services to better analyze and interpret your financial information. Controller services start at $2,500 a month.

Do you need a more precise picture of your finances to make calculated business decisions?


The CFO package is for you if you are a small business leader who wants to set and reach your business goals aggressively.

Reserved for premium clients, our all-inclusive package is limited to leaders who are prepared for a long-term relationship to yield long-term growth.

This package includes everything in the controller package and KPI monitoring, strategic planning, and tax prep and planning services so you can confidently lead your business without the stress of worrying about your financials. CFO services start at $5,000 a month.

Ready for an all-inclusive package designed to yield long-term growth?

Weekly QuickBooks Updates

to ensure your expenses and revenues are accurate.

Monthly Reconciliations

to ensure there are no discrepancies between your banking and QuickBooks accounts.

Payroll Support

to ensure your employees and contractors are paid accurately and on time.

Business Consultations

via one-on-one strategy calls with Bernadette Harris to maintain a clear understanding of your business goals and action plan. (30 minutes twice a month)

Cash Flow Management

to make sure your business is properly setting aside money for payroll, suppliers, lenders, and more. Proper management also gives you the ability to predict future revenue.


to help you protect your financial future and identify areas where you need support based on your pipeline.

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Monitoring

to identify the data that is important to your business and customize a system to track these metrics to generate the biggest returns.

Strategic Planning

to create bold goals, step-by-step measurable milestones, and an analysis system to get you on track to reaching your goals with ease.

Tax Planning and Projections

to identify opportunities to legally lower your tax liabilities and plan ahead, so there are no surprises with the IRS or the state in April.

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