Meet the Founder​

I believe accounting is so much more than numbers, formulas, and deadlines. Successful accountant-client relationships are built on trust and nurtured through honest communication. This is the secret sauce to keeping your small business in business. You can confidently rely on my team to do our part to get you to your next big win!
Bernadette L. Harris, MS, MBA, CFE

Bernadette L. Harris has a B.S. in Accounting, a Master of Business Administration degree, and an MS in Fraud and Forensics. She is an award-winning tax and forensic accountant and a certified fraud examiner committed to growing small businesses.

She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs strategize, start, and successfully transition their business from profitable to profound.

An expert at making accounting and taxes easy and fun, Bernadette has been featured on well-known media outlets, including ABC, CBS, and NBC to lend her insight on entrepreneurship and fraud prevention.

Bernadette is no stranger to the woes of entrepreneurship. Her business journey includes failures, plateaus, and larger-than-life successes.

These experiences, paired with more than 1,000 client success stories and what she’s learned in over two decades of accounting, give her a unique ability to serve with understanding and compassion.

And when it comes to her unshakeable commitment to seeing her clients win, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a comparable match.

Bernadette is also a bestselling author, adjunct instructor, podcast host, and TEDx Speaker.

When she’s not serving clients or wearing her entrepreneur hat, she may be visiting a new place on her bucket list.